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Studio Pricing

Group Class Packages

Virtual or In Person Mat Class

Single Class Drop In

5-Class Pack

10-Class Pack

Virtual or In Person Reformer Class

Single Class Drop In

5-Class Pack

10-Class Pack


$95   ($19/class)

$180  ($18/class)


$175  ($35/class)

$300  ($30/class)

It is the repetition of the Pilates movement patterns, performed correctly and with a precision that provides the incredibly impressive results the we see everyday in our studio. Through our group Pilates classes you will be able to build to your full potential.

Practice regularly and you will "Be Reformed"!

At Pilates Reforming New Jersey we want you to feel completely comfortable and safe taking Pilates Classes. If you would like a more personalized experience we highly recommend a private session with one of our knowledgeable instructors. Sessions are available in person or virtually for a Mat or Reformer class.

Call or email us for more information.

212 569-7769

Private Session Packages

Virtual and In Person Private Sessions

Single Staff Teacher Session

5-Class Pack

10-Class Pack

Single Master Teacher Session


$385 ($77/session)

$700 ($70/session)


group class packages
Private Class Packages
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