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Errol Toran, D.C.

Chiropractor, Pilates Educator

Dr. Toran (a Manhattan born New Yorker) began his practice in 1986, providing chiropractic and rehabilitative care to thousands of patients over the years. The patients have included athletes of all disciplines, performers in all areas of theater, as well as New Yorkers working in all forms of office environments. Pilates has been an integral part of the consistently superior outcomes of his therapeutic and rehabilitation protocols. From working with the athletes, he learned how beneficial regular training and body conditioning are to performance. He took this information and applied it to the theater arts. Twenty years ago it was an uphill battle educating dancers and performers that they WERE athletes and needed to cross train with physical activities outside the dance studios. Exercise forms they were willing to embrace were Pilates and Gyrotonic (originally called White Cloud). The simplicity of Pilates regarding the movements as well as the minimal equipment demands made Pilates a superb cross training choice. Dr Toran was able to incorporate Pilates principles into the rehabilitative programs of his patient's active care and then in their home programs. The performers were able to take their healthcare management on the road across the country and around the world. All the successful results were then taken and applied to the rest of his patient base. He was able to share the Pilates principles with computer programmers, corporate executives and secretaries alike. He found that his patient base, the athletes, dancers and regular folks returned to work faster and were less prone to future injury. Dr Toran and his wife Ann have taken the last ten years to fulfill their mission of making Pilates "Affordable for Every...body!!!". Their company, Pilates Reforming New York, was opened in 2002 incorporating a revolutionary business model. To date they have opened four group reformer studios providing over 200 classes per week.

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